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Starting Line ShotsOver 40 B Moto 1Over 40 B Moto 2ATV B A &250 Moto 1ATV B A & 250 Moto 2Pit Bike Moto 1Pit Bike Moto 2450 Pro (250TS 450FS) Moto 1450 Pro& Int Moto 2Pee Wee Pit Bike Moto 1Pee Wee Bike Moto 2450Jr (250TS 450FS) Moto 1450Jr Moto 2250 Int & Pro (125TS 250FS) Moto 1250 Int & Pro Moto 2250 Beg (125TS 250FS) Moto 1250 Beg Moto 2Pee Wees 6 & under Moto 1Pee Wees 6 & under Moto 285cc Beginner Moto 185cc Beginner Moto 265 Beginner Moto 165 Beginner Moto 2Pee Wee Open Moto 1Pee Wee Open Moto 2Open Pro Moto 1Open Pro Moto 2450 Int Moto 1 & 2Sportsman Moto 1Sportsman Moto 2Pee Wees 7-8 Moto 1Pee Wees 7-8 Moto 2Women 15 & up Moto 1Women 15 & up Moto 2Open Vet Moto 1Open Vet Moto 2School Boy Moto 1School Boy Moto 2Women 14 & Under / 8-5cc 7-11 Moto 1Women 14 & under /85cc 7-11 Jr Moto 2450Beg (250TS 450FS) Moto 1450 Beg Moto 2Over 30 A B Moto 1Over 30 A B Moto 2Powder Puff / Mini ATV Moto 1Podwer Puff/ Mini ATV Moto 265cc 6-8 65cc 9-11 Moto 165cc 6-8 / 65cc 9-11 Moto 285cc 12-15 Jr Moto 185cc 12-15 Moto 2250 Jr Div 1 Moto 1250 Jr Div 2 Moto 1250Jr Div 1 & Div 2 Moto 265cc Open Moto 165cc Open Moto 2Super Mini Moto 1Super Mini Moto 2Over 25 B A Moto 1Over 25 B A Moto 2Open Int Moto 1Open Int Moto 285 Open Moto 185 Open Moto 2Open Beginner Moto 1Open Beginner Moto 2Open Jr Moto 1Open Jr Moto 2250 Jr LCQDash for Cash